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KIDDE Fire Suppresion System

Automatic fire suppression control system without interferencehumans using clean gas agents.Environmentally friendlyGas-fired extinguishers from Kidde use hazardous toxin-free materials, actively extinguish fires, are safe for humans and the environment.Fast reactionDesigned to be able to spray all the contents of the gas pernadam in 1 second. Extinguish faster before the fire spreads and enlarges, preventing more damage. This modern historical system is far more reactive than the old conventional system.Without residueThe gas released for extinguishing does not leave residue, so it does not damage the affected device and is relatively easier in the effort to clean again.Compatible SystemKidde Fire Suppression systems can be paired with other product detection and alarm systems such as Simplex or Notifier. The right design and combination according to your needs.
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