4007ES Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of 4007ES Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

4007ES Series Fire Detection and Control Panels

provide extensive installation, operator, and service features with point and module capacities suitable for a wide range of system applications. Panels can be configured for stand- alone or networked fire control operation. The convenient and intuitive color touchscreen provides easy access for typical system response actions and for detailed system review or configuration updates with password control to limit user access.

IDNet+ addressable initiation communications and IDNAC addressable notification communications are standard features. (Refer to data sheet S4007-0001 for 4007ES panels providing conventional notification.)


Flexible standard combination of addressable initiation and addressable notification

4.3” (109 mm) Diagonal color touchscreen display:

  •  Convenient and intuitive user interface provides detailed
  • system status and individual point information
  •  Supports dual language selection, including unicode
  • character languages
  •  A custom background display appears when operation is
  • normal (see page 7 for details)
  • Includes a 3 A IDNAC SLC (signaling line circuit) output power supply that provides enhanced power delivery to addressable notification appliances:
  •  A constant 29 VDC source voltage is maintained during
  • alarm, even during battery operation, allowing strobes to operate at higher voltage with lower current and ensuring a consistent current draw and voltage drop margin under both primary power and secondary battery standby
  •  Efficiencies include lower strobe currents, wiring distances up to 2 to 3 times farther than with conventional notification, support for more appliances per IDNAC SLC, and smaller gauge wiring. This provides installation and maintenance savings. with high assurance that appliances will operate as normal during worst case alarm conditions
  •  IDNAC SLCs are compatible with both TrueAlert ES and TrueAlert addressable notification appliances, and remote 4009 IDNAC Repeaters to extend power and wiring distance even farther and provide for up to 127 addressable notification appliances
  •  Power supply provides battery backup charging of up to 33 Ah; up to 18 Ah for cabinet mounted batteries and up to 33 Ah batteries for mounting in close-nippled remote battery cabinet
  • Electrically isolated IDNet+ addressable initiating device SLC:
  •  Provides built-in short circuit isolation for monitoring
  • and control of TrueAlarm analog sensors and IDNet communications monitoring and control devices; for use with either shielded or unshielded, twisted or untwisted single pair wiring; outputs are Class A or Class B
  •  Standard panel SLC provides up to 100 addressable points; optional additional loop expansion modules provide an additional isolated loop with short circuit isolation for the IDNet+ channel; each loop expansion module also provides an additional 75 addressable points to the IDNet+ channel capacity for a total of up to 250 addressable points
  • Software Feature Summary:
  •  Current and previous panel configuration are both maintained in on-board memory to allow easy selection of desired revision
  •  An internal Ethernet service port is available for service computer connections to perform configuration updates, downloads and uploads; report downloads, and system software updates
  •  Internal USB interface allows a memory stick/thumb drive to store job revisions, update revised jobs and panel software, and save detailed system reports from the panel

4007ES Fire Control Panels

Fire Detection and Control with Addressable Initiation and Addressable Notification

4007ES Panel Front View

Optional modules and connections include:

  •  Fire Alarm Network Interface for Peer-to-Peer fire alarm network communications, supports either Class B or Class X operation
  •  Point or Event DACT assembly that is compatible with IP Communicators
  •  Up to two additional IDNet+ addressable device output loop connections with 75 additional point capacity each
  •  Front mounted 48 LED annunciator with custom label inserts.
  •  Dual Class A IDNAC Isolator (DCAI)
  •  Remote LED annunciator support via RUI (remote unit
  • interface) communications port for use with unshielded,
  • twisted pair wiring (UTP)
  •  Eight Point Zone/Relay Modules individually selectable
  • as IDC or relay rated 2 A @ 30 VDC (resistive)
  •  Alarm relays and auxiliary relays
  •  Dual RS-232 ports (for printer, PC annunciator or third
  • party interface)
  •  TrueInsight Remote Gateway
  •  City connections, with or without disconnect switch
  •  4003EC V oice Control Panels
  •  4009 Series IDNAC Repeaters
  •  Battery brackets for seismic area protection (see page 2) General Mechanical:

 Compact red or platinum cabinet for convenient surface or

semi-flush mounting; rated NEMA 1 and IP30

4007ES Listings reference:

 UL 864 - Control Units, System (UOJZ); Control Unit Accessories, System, Fire Alarm (UOXX); ; Control Units, Releasing Device Service (SYZV)

 UL 2017 - Emergency Alarm System Control Units (CO detection), (FSZI)

 ULC-S559 - Central Station Fire Alarm System Units (DAYRC)

 ULC-S527 - Control Units, System, Fire Alarm (UOJZC); Control Unit Accessories, System, Fire Alarm (UOXXC); Control Units, Releasing Device Service (SYZVC)

* This product has been approved by the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) pursuant to Section 13144.1 of the California Health and Safety Code. See CSFM Listing 7165-0026:0378 for allowable values and/or conditions concerning material presented in this document. NYC Fire Dept COA #6191A. Additional listings may be applicable; contact your local Simplex product supplier for the latest status. Listings and approvals under Simplex Time Recorder Co. are the property of Tyco Fire Protection Products.

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