4100ES Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of 4100ES Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

The Simplex 4100ES is based on a modular architecture allowing system designers to custom configure each panel and build a cost-effective system that meets project specifications and capacity requirements. The future proof design of Simplex systems reduces cost of ownership by allowing

easy expansion to accommodate changes throughout the life of the system.

Simplex systems offer true integration including voice alarm/evacuation, agency listed non-alarm paging and background music, fire fighter telephones, emergency notification,

Mass Notification Systems (MNS), smoke management and control, and available high level integration to third party systems utilising open protocols. Simplex systems also feature graphic workstations with remote PC and mobile client support as well as dual redundant configurations and addressable multi-candela audible/visual appliances including our unique Simplex TrueAlert text messaging display.

Simplex UL listed textual notification appliance is designed to supplement standard notification appliances to improve life safety and addresses requirements for the hard of hearing/deaf community. Each display can also support custom non-alarm messages sent from

a remote PC over a TCP/IP network which are overridden in an emergency condition such as a fire, security breach, or a hostile intruder.

It’s important that a fire detection system

can continue to be serviced, supported and upgraded throughout its life in order to protect the owners investment. Simplex systems are always engineered to provide a migration path to the latest technology and features available.

Master Bay

  • 2GB of integrated, supervised storage for programming and system configuration information
  • System Power Supply (SPS) with on board IDNet channel, 3 NAC’s and Aux Power or Enhanced Power Supply (EPS) with dual loop IDNet 2 channel, 3 IDNAC SLC's for addressable notification and
  • Aux Power
  • CPU, Network Card, Media Cards, RS232

Expansion Bays

  • Dual redundant CPU option for critical applications
  • Audio
  • Firefighter phones
  • Relays Cards, Zone Cards, IDNet Cards
  • LED/Switch Modules
  • TCP/IP Physical Bridge
  • Single Fibre Modems
  • Expansion Power Supplies (XPS)
  • TrueAlert Addressable Power Supplies

  • UL & FM approved
  • Universal platform - small to large systems
  • New processor with on board IP network capability
  • Integrated voice alarm and fire fighter phones
  • Agency listed non-alarm audio (paging and background music)
  • Spoken WALKTEST
  • Voice coding/message splicing
  • Compatible with TrueAlert ES addressable notification appliances and their revolutionary self-test capability. See pages 34 and 35
  • for more information on ground breaking TrueAlert ES technology
  • Smoke management and control
  • High level networking, multiple topologies and connectivity options
  • Network-wide synchronization of notification appliances
  • Available third party open protocol interfaces
  • Graphic workstation with support for remote PC and mobile clients and dual redundant configurations
  • SafeLINC fire panel internet interface• UL Listed for Mass Notification
  • UL/FM listed for suppression release• Certified for Seismic Applications
  • Master clock interface
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